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The pandemic has altered typical plans for most of us and continues to limit what we can do socially, so it's a perfect time to explore your creative side. Families are staying close to home these days — with the winter weather as another factor — but that doesn't mean imagination must suffer.

A discounted lifetime subscription to Skoove Premium Piano Lessons is an ideal way to make your getaway from routine monotony to endless musical fun. Normally valued at $299, this App Store Editors' Choice is available for a limited time at $149.99.

Polish your piano skills or encourage loved ones to learn a new hobby with this app's interactive lessons, songs and artificial intelligence technology. Discover why Forbes observed, "Unlike various other music-learning apps, Skoove’s virtual guide takes the learner through each lesson, and provides real-time feedback that listens to the player as they practice." Join more than 1 million people, ranging from beginners to advanced, in embracing everything time spent on the keys can offer.

Skoove, which was featured by Apple and carries an App Store rating of 4.5 out of 5, makes it easy to learn and practice notes, chords and techniques. This app shows you how to play your favorite songs, then listens and adapts to provide individual notes and structured plans that will take your skills to another level. With 400 different lessons and thousands of instructional videos, Skoove helps you navigate the experience in a customized way.

Depending on your passions, pick from chart hits (featuring songs by John Legend, The Beatles, Coldplay, Adele and more), classical pieces (including Bach, Beethoven, Debussy and Mozart) or go with improvisation to compose your very own melodies.

Skoove works with all pianos and keyboards, or you can use the virtual on-screen keyboard to get started.

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