William Lucano, 50, of Garden City, a salesman for News 12.

Even being a 10-year-old, I remember all the events of that year. I played baseball. Our team was the Heroes, in the Garden City Stewart Little League. I was the pitcher.

What a year. It was an intense year. All my favorite teams winning. It started with the Jets, in the Orange bowl. Then in mid-June my Little League team won the series. And then the Mets winning the World Series. That was a trifecta for me. It was a fantastic time.

Obviously there would also be the moon walk in July, which my brothers and I were really into. My dad rolled in one of those small black and white televisions with the dog ears into our bedroom. It was three of us. We had bunk beds. I was 10 and my brother Ed was 9 and my brother Kenny was 7. We were just so excited. We all jumped off the bed and we sat Indian style on the floor. We all wanted to be an astronaut after that. Or a baseball player. Or a fireman. Or a cowboy.

My dad was a huge baseball fan so we all grew up in a big baseball household. He became a Mets fan after the Dodgers left town. My dad was known locally as "Baseball Bill." I remember . . . the last out, and the fans that stormed Shea Stadium, tearing up pieces of grass so they could plant it in their backyard. We didn't go. We watched it on TV. Just an incredible end to the year, and not to be repeated.

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