Workers shovel snow off the seats at MetLife Stadium as...

Workers shovel snow off the seats at MetLife Stadium as crews removed snow ahead of Super Bowl XLVIII following a snow storm. (Jan. 22, 2014) Credit: AP

Who would guess a few weeks back that the big question of "will it snow" on Super Bowl Sunday would be replaced by "will the day's high be in the 50s"?

Indeed, several computer models were indicating highs in the mid-50s, said Michael Schlacter, chief meteorologist with Manhattan-based Weather 2000, a research and forecasting firm.

Still, his forecast Friday was for a possible 45 to 50 degrees during the day, with 45 at pregame time, dropping to around 35 by game's end.

The National Weather Service and AccuWeather were forecasting highs in the upper 40s, but the thermometer certainly could hit 50, said Tom Kines, AccuWeather senior meteorologist.

As for precipitation, there's the possibility for rain through Sunday afternoon, with a chance of "a bit of snow or flurries" after midnight, Kines said.

Said Schlacter: "They got really lucky with this window."

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