A view of downtown Amityville. (June 5, 2011)

A view of downtown Amityville. (June 5, 2011) Credit: Alexi Knock

Today is my first day in Amityville for this installment of Town Focus.

While in Amityville, which borders the Great South Bay and the county line, I'll be getting to know the area, its residents and community leaders.

You'll find me working in the local cafes, eating in the restaurants and, on less gray days than today, walking around the village. I'll be looking for your suggestions to help me really get to know Amityville this week. If there's an event I should attend, a place I should visit or a person I should meet, let me know in the comments below, via Twitter or email.

Today, I'll meet with Amityville School District Superintendent John Williams, who is in his sixth year with the district, and be attending a meeting for COMPASS, a community-oriented anti-drug task force.

You can follow along via the Storify below.

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