A view of downtown Farmingdale, which boasts more than 125...

A view of downtown Farmingdale, which boasts more than 125 stores and dozens of restaurants. It is also the location of the village's post office, Village Hall and several banks. (July 5, 2011) Credit: Alexi Knock

After a week of getting to know locals, taking advantage of the beautiful weather (finally) and tasting the diverse entrees on Main Street, my journey has come to an end.

Although I won’t be in Farmingdale for five days straight in the near future, I will still be around, so contact me if anything comes up.

On my last day, I’m going to Saltzman East Memorial Elementary to see second- and fourth-grade students tackle a hands-on science program.

The “Mad Science Group” helps students learn and review science concepts, preparing them for state tests in a fun way. The program continues all day and involves students at all grade levels.

In the afternoon, I’m meeting with Farmingdale Senior High School principal Glen Zakian to discuss the atmosphere at the high school and his background.

That will just about wrap it up for this month’s edition of Town Focus. Look out, we might end up covering your community next.

And to all those who tweeted or emailed me, thank you for helping me maneuver Main Street and find the best places to eat this week.

Between the Library Café, Dominican Restaurant 4, Frankie’s Eastside Pizza and Cascarino’s Brick Oven Pizzeria & Ristorante, I think I’ve had my fair share of variety and deliciousness.

Have any suggestions or comments? You can reach out to me by email or Twitter, and also follow me on Foursquare.

Pictured: Downtown Farmingdale

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