The National Weather Service said Thursday will see high temperatures around 70 degrees and Long Islanders can expect wind gusts hitting 30 mph. News 12 Long Island meteorologist Reed McDonough has the forecast. Credit: News 12 Long Island

A sun-filled Thursday will give way to a rainy Friday, but the downpours should depart by late morning Saturday and clear skies with temperatures in the mid-60s should prevail for the next seven days, forecasters said.

The daytime high on Thursday will be 69 degrees, which is five to 10 degrees above average, according to the National Weather Service’s Islip office.

Look for wind gusts hitting 30 mph, with the highest speeds by the coast, courtesy of a cold front drawing near, the weather service said.

Stargazers are in for a disappointing few days.

"Clouds are expected to increase through the night. As the night progresses, the clouds are expected to gradually thicken and lower," the weather service said Thursday.

Temperatures on Friday are expected to rise to the mid-60s in the morning, but then drop down to the upper 50s for the remainder of the day, the weather service said.

The odds of rain on Friday, mainly after 11 a.m., are 80%, the weather service estimated. It explained that the system now developing may take a somewhat different tack than it now predicts.

"There still remains some uncertainty regarding the exact positioning and strength of the frontal wave as it develops into Friday evening. In any event, look for a solid 1 to 1½ inches (of rain) across the area," the weather service said.

Downpours should clear out by late morning on Saturday, which then should be mostly sunny with thermometers reaching 63 degrees during the day.

Sunday night — just like Monday and Tuesday nights — should be at least partly cloudy.

However, the weather service advised that those three days should be fairly sunny with daytime highs in the low 60s.

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