Hurricane Florence, approaching the Carolinas, is causing rough seas off...

Hurricane Florence, approaching the Carolinas, is causing rough seas off Long Island's South Shore, meteorologists say. Credit: Newsday

With Hurricane Florence expected to make landfall Friday in the Carolinas, Long Island is facing high surf from the storm, leading to dangerous rip currents and other expected coastal impacts, forecasters say.

There is also potential, though no certainly, for the area to see some precipitation next week, courtesy of Florence’s remnants and accompanying tropical moisture.

Look for “rip currents and rough seas through the weekend,” said Rich Hoffman, News 12 Long Island meteorologist.

Both a high surf advisory and high rip current risk remain in effect through Friday at ocean beaches, with the National Weather Service saying that building surf means widespread beach flooding and erosion can be expected, especially at high-tide time Friday.

Friday was forecast to start out with areas of patchy fog, then bring mostly cloudy skies, with temperatures warming up to the mid-70s.

As for the weekend, look for sunny and mostly sunny skies, with highs in the upper 70s.

Monday brings chances of showers, with those chances increasing through Wednesday, according to the weather service’s forecast.

There may be rain, but it wouldn’t necessarily be from the remnants of Florence, said Patrick Maloit, weather service meteorologist in Upton. Much depends on how well the storm system stays together as it curves up toward the northeast early next week, he said. Plus, “there are other players in the atmosphere.”

He sums it up this way: “we could or we could not” get precipitation associated with Florence. “With time, we’ll get a clearer picture.”  

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