For the last few months Triple H has been flying under the radar on Raw. His feud with Sheamus was interesting, but not one of the top storylines on Raw each week. It’s mainly been Batista/Cena, Hart/McMahon, and HBK. With HBK out of the picture now and no more DX, what’s next for HHH?

After Sheamus’ attack from behind on HHH last week, it’s obvious their feud will continue to Extreme Rules where we will most likely see a Sheamus win. But the real question is where does HHH go from there during the rest of the year? Here are some possible scenarios:

Likely: HHH and Orton renew their rivalry from last year but this time Orton is the face and HHH plays the heel. I wasn’t crazy about their feud last year mainly because their Wrestlemania match fell flat. It left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Here’s a chance to make it right with a twist.

Likely: Another Cena/HHH feud although I’m not really interested in seeing this. I want to see HHH as a heel (isn’t it obvious from all these scenarios) and if he faces Cena, HHH will undoubtedly be cheered by the fans. The rumor is Batista might look to take a break after Extreme Rules, so HHH could be stepping back into the title hunt once he leaves.

Least unlikely: A heel turn sometime in the summer of 2010 and a move to Smackdown for a little while where he can feud with Edge. This rivalry would be money, but I don’t see HHH going to Smackdown so Edge may have to make the jump to Raw for this feud to play out. These two have never had a feud with top billing against each other. With Edge riding pretty high since his return and HHH going heel, this could even be something the WWE waits on until Wrestlemania XXVII.

Also very unlikely: It would seem fitting that HHH goes after the man that retired his best friend, the Undertaker. The rumors are swirling that Undertaker will be taking a long leave of absence soon, but upon his return this could be a possibility. This would mean HHH would have to play the heel, but he could already be a heel by the time this feud plays out in late 2010.

Those are just my scenarios for Triple H. Raw is lacking heels in the main event scene, especially with Orton starting to turn face. I’ve been wanting HHH to turn heel for a long time now and this is the perfect time. DX is over and no HBK to tag with. The Cerebral Assassin is back on his own and the title has to be on his mind.

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