Hempstead -- Supervisor Kate Murray Encouraging development, stimulating the local...

Hempstead -- Supervisor Kate Murray

Encouraging development, stimulating the local economy and maintaining quality-of-life services are among the challenges Supervisor Kate Murray said the town will face in 2012.

Murray said she would continue to maintain the town’s “rock solid finances” while attracting private developers seeking to partner with the town. Major development initiatives will add housing choices and new commercial assets to the town’s inventory while creating needed jobs, she said.

Murray said her administration is moving ahead with a $50 million capital upgrade program that includes road repaving projects, marine bulkhead replacement, infrastructure maintenance and construction of a new recreation building for children with special needs.

The town’s one-stop career resource center, HempsteadWorks, will continue to help thousands of people find “meaningful and rewarding” employment, she added.

(June, 2011) Credit: David Pokress

The eight winners of bike lockers at the Bellmore train station will be announced Monday by Town of Hempstead officials.

Town Supervisor Kate Murray, clerk Mark Bonilla and council members Angie Cullin and Gary Hudes will announce the winners at the lockers’ site at 11:45 a.m., according to a news release. The lockers are located between the Bellmore station and Pettite Avenue.

Hempstead Town spokesman Mike Deery said the names will be drawn at the location from about a dozen applicants.

The lockers are part of an initiative for environment friendly methods of travel in warm weather, the release said.

The lockers will be free, with the exception of a $40 key deposit, which will be returned after a one-year lease. Winners can begin using the lockers once they are named.


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