WEST BANK: Briton assaulted by students

Dozens of Palestinian students swarmed around a senior British diplomat on Tuesday, leaping on his vehicle and trying to attack him in a show of rage over a British policy and a century-old promise to Jews. The outburst forced Consul General Sir Vincent Fean to cancel a speech at a Palestinian university. He was not hurt, although an Associated Press photographer saw one student kicking him in the shins. Activists said they were protesting decades of British policy toward Palestinians. Their chief grievance was Britain's support for a Jewish homeland in what was then British-ruled Palestine in a letter known as the "Balfour Declaration," issued in 1917. The letter also said "nothing shall be done" that would prejudice the civil rights of non-Jews. Israel gained independence in 1948.

QATAR: Arms going to Syria rebels, Kerry says

Secretary of State John Kerry said Tuesday the Obama administration is confident that the vast majority of weapons being supplied to Syrian rebels by U.S. allies are not finding their way to extremists. Speaking in Qatar, one of several Arab nations providing weapons to the rebels, Kerry told reporters he had spoken to Qatari leaders and said there are now "greater guarantees" that nearly all the arms and ammunition going to the opposition inside Syria are getting into the hands of moderates. He spoke at a joint news conference with Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim.

ISRAEL: Hagel huddles with Barak

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel promised Israel on Tuesday that he would work with Congress to ensure continued funding for the Iron Dome missile defense system, a senior defense official said after the Pentagon chief met in Washington with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak. It was Hagel's first meeting with a foreign counterpart. And it comes less than a week after he took the job amid accusations that he was "anti-Israel." While it is notable, considering the controversy, that Barak was the first allied counterpart to meet with Hagel, it is not surprising. Barak has been one of the most frequent defense chiefs to visit the Pentagon, meeting often with previous secretaries, including Leon Panetta and Robert Gates.

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