Alfonso: I don’t have high hopes for this bout. As hard as both men—and WWE’s writers—have worked to get this rivalry over as a true blood feud, both men have just not clicked as adversaries. I think much of the blame rests with Orton, who is miscast as a babyface. He’s just not a likeable guy. Punk’s version of The Nexus also leaves a lot to be desired, and has lost nearly all of the heat that the group generated under Wade Barrett’s leadership last summer. That said, my guess is that this rivalry extends at least another month into Extreme Rules. And so I’ll pick Punk to get the victory in this bout, perhaps with the aid of some new Nexus recruits.

Pick: CM Punk

Anthony: I hope this match gets a nice amount of time because it could easily fly under the radar as the match of the night. I see this feud extending for a little while longer as well so Punk wins. There’s always a few rivalries that spill over into April and May and this is one of them. Orton has dominated and outsmarted Nexus every week. Punk finally got him back last week giving him enough momentum to take him to a win at Wrestlemania.

Pick: CM Punk

Seth: Between Miz, Del Rio, Cole and Punk, they are on fire right now with top heel characters. Orton has looked hugely dominant with his wins over Nexus in recent weeks, and a loss here does nothing to hurt him. That being said, it's WrestleMania, and Punk gets his heat back in 10 seconds, so I predict they put the babyface over.

Pick: Randy Orton

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