A supporter of Donald Trump in a shirt featuring the...

A supporter of Donald Trump in a shirt featuring the presidential candidate just outside of Grumman Studios in Bethpage, where Trump spoke, April 6, 2016. Credit: Johnny Milano

Smack in the midst of the 2016 presidential primary season, the Oxford English Dictionary has released its eagerly awaited campaign-inspired list of new entries to the august reference source.

And here they are:

bern (noun) — a feverish feeling of extreme euphoria, followed by bitterness when the victim realizes that nothing that hurts that good is real or lasting.

christify (verb) — to make clear, after much examination and bloviation, that there really is less there than meets the eye.

christilize (verb) — to morph from a main player to a stage prop.

cooperian (adj.) — referring to the tendency to interrupt someone before they have finished answering a question to ask another question, used especially in reference to CNN hosts.

cruzification (noun) — the practice of calling for the Lord’s blessing of every single place in which you set foot, especially every great state.

cruzish (adj.) — reeking of mean-spiritedness.

distrumpful (adj.) — reacting with visceral skepticism, often accompanied by a rash.

hillarification (noun) — an attempt to explain a confusing point or position for at least the 10th time. Each of the previous nine tries is called a trumpification.

hillarify (verb) — to take someone else’s opinion and make it your own, usually with a slight change and often accompanied by the expression, “I have always been clear that . . .”

hillarity (noun) — guffawing or cackling meant to convey genuine amusement but actually seeming forced. See Kate McKinnon videos on SNL.

jebify (verb) — to turn a position of overwhelming strength into one of weakness and failure. Example: The team seemed to be the best in the league, but it was jebified by injuries and poor play.

kasich (noun) — the last person in the bar at closing time, whose response to the bartender’s umpteenth request to just please go home is, “Are you kidding me?”

kasich (verb) — to give a consoling or supportive hug. Example: Sally seemed depressed, so I kasiched her.

marconian (adj.) — drastic, unexpected, inexplicable, usually used in reference to one’s behavior toward a foe, followed quickly by a reversal of said behavior and then a humiliating disappearance from public life.

megynize (verb) — to unsettle or call out someone in an unexpected way, often with a barely disguised grin.

omalleyian (adj.) — forgettable.

patakiment (noun) — an ephemeral presence lacking in proof that it ever existed; a figment of one’s imagination.

sandering (noun) — the practice of always referring to someone by using a title, such as “The Secretary,” instead of the person’s name.

sanderista (noun) — an impassioned voter, primarily of the socialist persuasion, who will stay home on Election Day if his or her candidate is not on the ballot.

sanderize (verb) — to reduce a complicated issue to a rousing slogan.

the full carson (noun phrase) — an interminable and incomprehensible explanation of something well understood by most people.

trumpify (verb) — to brand someone else, often in less-than-flattering fashion, with terms such as lyin’ or little or low-energy.

trumpletweet (noun) — a Twitter posting that has no basis in fact.

trumpling (noun) — what happens to someone who tries to match wits with a master insulter.

trusTED (adj.) — an antonym for trusted.

And there’s still seven months to go in this crazy cycle — plenty of time to expand the lexicon.

Michael Dobie is a member of Newsday’s editorial board.

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