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Is it me, or did 2020 seem a bit off? Ahh, 366 days! No wonder.

I’m hopeful 2021 will offer a welcome contrast:

2020: Nation divided, anxious and mean.

2021: Help on the way with a COVID vaccine.

2020: Lockdowns, droplets, quarantine.

2021: Ballparks, travel, Philippines.

2020: POTUS thunders, Stop the steal!

2021: POTUS whispers, Start to heal.

2020: Stay inside and stuff your face.

2021: We rejoin the human race.

2020: Argue with siblings and some of our friends.

2021: Bygones be bygones, let’s all make amends.

2020: Kids are at home all of the time.

2021: Free at last and we’re feeling fine.

2020: Hey, were you tested? Stay six feet away.

2021: Chill, calm and rested; COVID’s at bay.

2020: Listen pal, that Charmin’s mine!

2021: Let us leave the past behind.

2020: Staying inside with window shades drawn.

2021: Great to be back at our favorite salon.

2020: Can we be cured by injecting with bleach?

2021: Let’s have some fun and drive down to Jones Beach.

2020: Holiday feast, but no one is there.

2021: Come on everyone, pull up a chair!

2020: Order in food from Trader Joe’s.

2021: To which cafe would you like to go?

2020: What’s the point of wearing pants?

2021: Go get dressed, we’re going to dance!

2020: No exercise, I’m getting fat.

2021: Get my glove and baseball bat.

2020: Watching Netflix, Starz and Prime.

2021: On the run, who’s got the time?

2020: Hey, your mask is out of place.

2021: Oh my God, you’ve got a face!

Playwright Mike Vogel is the author of "New York Attitude: A lifetime New Yorker Defends his City With Humor and Heart."


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