The Long Island Rail Road's lost and found office is...

The Long Island Rail Road's lost and found office is a mess and poorly maintained, according to a 15-page study by the MTA's Inspector General's office. Credit: Getty Images / Spencer Platt

On Long Island today to push for a third track for the Long Island Rail Road’s Main Line, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo wondered aloud about a topic that’s been bugging commuters for decades: the seeming hatred of the Almighty for the LIRR.

Actually, Cuomo seemed to be taking some shots, humorous ones for sure, at MTA Chairman Thomas Prendergast, who was also at the Long Island Association event the governor attended. (LIRR president Patrick Nowakowski was nowhere to be seen. )
Describing how badly Long Island needs the third line, Cuomo said it was largely a redundancy necessary because “we have two tracks and one is always out” and he’s always told the problem is an act of God, whether it be rain or snow or anything else.  “I don’t know what God has against the Long Island Rail Road,” Cuomo said.

The line got the intended laughs, but for Cuomo it’s a way to let everyone know he’s watching the mediocre performance of the railroad very closely.
Cuomo never really says anything totally in jest.

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