A demolished house on Tennessee Avenue in Long Beach. (July...

A demolished house on Tennessee Avenue in Long Beach. (July 27, 2013) Credit: Newsday / Jeffrey Basinger

It took Diana Nyad almost 53 hours to swim from Cuba to Key West. This week, the 64-year-old distance swimmer will embark on another marathon in our backyard: a 48-hour nonstop swim in a special pool erected in Manhattan's Herald Square. Nyad is not swimming for a record this time, but for a cause: She is raising money for superstorm Sandy victims, including Long Islanders. Swimming alongside her in the two-lane pool will be Sandy victims and volunteers, first responders and celebrities. Nyad starts Tuesday morning and finishes Thursday, logging an estimated 96 miles, about the distance from New York to Philadelphia. With no jellyfish or sharks. Events like this remind us that as the one-year anniversary of Sandy approaches, many of our neighbors are still struggling.


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