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Are you one of Long Island’s thousands of older residents who have tried to get a COVID-19 vaccine? Do you not know where to turn? Are you a family member frustrated by the inability to get help for a relative, friend or neighbor?

Are you unable to drive or get a ride to a location where shots are being distributed? Or if you were fortunate to snag a spot, are you concerned about how to get there? Are you concerned about how long the wait might be?

Are you unable to navigate the maze of online appointment portals, and haven’t gotten through by phone? Are you just sick of hearing how someone’s grandkid was a computer whiz?

Tell us your stories, your fears and your ideas.

Or, did you successfully get the vaccine, and have advice for your fellow seniors?

And ... do you have ideas on a better way to do all of this?

Then tell us your stories, your fears and your ideas. Tell us so together we can speak out about ways to make this system work.

Reach us by telephone at 631-843-2900

We know the vaccination rollout has been chaotic. We have heard from our own friends and family members about the anxiety of not getting an appointment and the uncertainty of when you can get one.

We can’t get an appointment for you. But we can tell your stories, and encourage state and local officials to try new strategies, especially as more doses become available. Those who’ve gotten appointments often relied on guidance from their communities. Now, it’s time for you to share.

Good ideas might spring from your own experience or local knowledge. Perhaps drive-through sites like Jones Beach could prioritize those with accessibility needs, or those who can’t stand for long as they wait. Perhaps when more doses are available, the oldest residents get to the front of the line? Does the local library or fire department site make more sense? Should there be mobile units in local downtowns? Perhaps you have an idea for ways to get information out to you.

The supply shortage eventually will be alleviated and the doses will come. When they do, the state and counties must be ready. We want to be a stronger voice for you.

There must be a better way. You can reach us by telephone at 631-843-2900 or email us at Please include your name, phone number and community. We look forward to hearing from you.

— The editorial board