Kevin C. Gorman is the Democratic candidate for New York...

Kevin C. Gorman is the Democratic candidate for New York State Assembly District 14. Credit: James Escher

Wantagh Democrat Kevin C. Gorman has run his share of unwinnable races.

Now, he finally may have found his moment.

Gorman is running against David G. McDonough, who has ably served his district for nearly two decades. The Merrick Republican seems to rest on past accomplishments, rather than push new ideas. McDonough, 83, touts his success as responding to constituents’ calls, and points to bills from terms long gone.

It’s time for new blood in the 14th District, and residents have an optimal choice in Gorman, a Board of Elections employee who understands that constituent services in this era need a ramped-up response. Gorman, 69, supports State Sen. John Brooks’ plan to overhaul school taxes, and it’d be helpful for Brooks to have a strong Assembly ally. And Gorman’s support of affordable rental housing and other development efforts modeled after Mineola’s success is welcome.

Perhaps most significant, Gorman’s experience at the Board of Elections, and his support of changes like no-excuse absentee ballots and automatic registration, would be valuable as state lawmakers will have to push for more ways to improve the voting experience.

Newsday endorses Gorman.

— The editorial board