Thomas E. Murray III of Bayport, the Democratic candidate for...

Thomas E. Murray III of Bayport, the Democratic candidate for the 7th Assembly District. Credit: James Escher

There are many issues on which Republican incumbent Andrew R. Garbarino and Democrat Thomas E. Murray III agree. Both are passionate about extending sewers in their South Shore district and making it easier for homeowners to upgrade septic systems.

But Murray, 31, an environmental attorney from Bayport, has a clear edge when it comes to ethics. While Garbarino backs term limits on leadership positions, Murray is pushing a full package of reforms, including eliminating outside income for legislators, instituting public campaign financing and forming an independent body to monitor Albany lawmakers. Murray also backs congestion pricing, and an exemption on bonding to let school districts finance rooftop solar panels.

Garbarino, 34, of Bayport, has been a solid legislator, but Murray makes a strong case that as a member of the majority party, he’ll be able to get more done.

Newsday endorses Murray.