Republican Assemb. Michael Durso.

Republican Assemb. Michael Durso. Credit: James Escher

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Includes southern east section of Town of Oyster Bay and South east section of Town of Babylon, Gilgo Beach

Michael A. Durso’s first term was a productive one.

A prime sponsor on 28 introduced bills, the Massapequa Park Republican spotlighted issues ranging from a Long Island Rail Road fare refund program for any delayed or canceled trains to a designated statewide Overdose Awareness Day. Problem-solving on “kitchen table topics” has been his focus, and he repeatedly reached out to Democrats to do so, which is how a version of his bill that accelerated middle-class tax cuts was ultimately put into the budget.

Durso, 42, also advocated for the bipartisan All Means All bill that would expand BOCES to all students interested in trades by lifting enrollment and budget restrictions. A carpenter himself who went through the program, Durso says delivering this for the region’s next generation is a priority for him next term.

Democratic opponent Steven Dellavechia, 29, of Babylon, is not actively campaigning.

Newsday endorses Durso.

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