Approved in March, an initiative to suspend the driver’s licenses...

Approved in March, an initiative to suspend the driver’s licenses of New Yorkers who owe more than $10,000 in back taxes will begin in early August 2013. Credit: Fotolia

You have to wonder how terrified and intimidated these deadbeats must feel. How did the delinquency get to this point? Don’t go after their wheels; go after their finances. Put economic pressure on their sources of income. Get real!

Gerard Wolf, East Rockaway

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and legislators of New York State, let me get this straight: Newsday published a list of the top 10 delinquent taxpayers and stated there are 16,000 who owe more than $10,000. No. 1 is a guy who is behind by $16,712,605, so you’re going to send him a nasty warning to pay up in 60 days.

But wait, if that fails, you’re really going to get rough and send him another nasty warning asking him to pay up in 15 days. And, if that fails, you’re going to get really, really rough and take away his driver’s license until he pays up.

Are you kidding? He probably has a chauffeur. Did you ever hear of handcuffs, police wagons, prison cells, long-term sentences, confiscation and other such things?

You should be embarrassed to tell New York State and the world this is your best solution to recover back taxes.

James J. Grant, Massapequa

I can’t believe that 16,000 people owe the state tens of millions of dollars and all we are going to do is suspend their driver’s licenses.

Why don’t we go after homes, boats, cars, personal property and bank accounts?

Robert Gallagher, Long Beach 


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