Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, in Central Islip for an Aug....

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, in Central Islip for an Aug. 8 event above, is being criticized for saying that America "was never that great." Credit: Newsday / J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo made it pretty clear that he not only doesn’t appreciate the country that gave him and his family so many opportunities, but that he cares more about a presidential run than he does about his current run for governor [“Cuomo: America ‘was never that great . . . have not reached greatness,’ ” News, Aug 16].

Virtually every chance the governor gets, he looks to increase his visibility with the national media. He attacks President Donald Trump (right or not) and takes trips to Puerto Rico.

Clearly the suffering island needs help, but is that really the best use of the state’s resources and his time?

Why not step aside and let some new blood worry about our state, and you can go campaign for president?

Gavi Hoffman, West Hempstead

Andrew M. Cuomo’s statement that America “was never that great. We have not reached greatness” borders on the absurd, and is an indication that our governor may be delusional.

America has been great for the Cuomo family. Andrew Cuomo, and his father, Mario, before him, have lived off funds provided by the citizens of New York State for decades. And, judging from its lifestyle, the Cuomo family has lived rather well. Rather than run for governor, Andrew Cuomo should run for cover!

Bob Kersch, Great River

I saw Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s election ad on TV and have to wonder what’s wrong with him.

First, he touts his Excelsior free-tuition program for some college students. It’s not free, folks. The taxpayer is picking up the tab. Taxes are already strangling New Yorkers. Once these graduates fulfill their requirement to stay in the state for the length of time they participated in the program, they will take their degrees to more affordable states where the job market thrives and taxes are low.

Then he wants to destroy the NRA, which has millions of sportsmen, recreational range shooters and permit holders for home protection. These are decent law-abiding people he wants to punish. As far as I know, no one in the NRA is out there shooting people. Apparently, it’s easier to blame the NRA than to address the real causes of mass shootings. He won’t get my vote.

Gary Kordes, Holbrook

Gov Andrew M. Cuomo gave me a compelling reason to send my first letter to Newsday. I write on behalf of my father, a World War II veteran, my nephew who fought overseas a couple of years ago and veterans everywhere.

Gov. Cuomo said he feels America “was never that great.” Perhaps millions of immigrants here illegally are fighting to get across our borders because we’re not “that great.” Is it possible that thousands of military personnel are risking their lives each and every day because America has never been “that great”? This awful country we live in enabled Gov. Cuomo to rise to the influential position he enjoys today and has given Americans freedoms and opportunities unparalleled to other countries.

If anyone asked for my opinion, I would say Gov. Cuomo is not that great.

Kelly Gusew, Lake Ronkonkoma

“GOP Buys Gov Ticket to Canada” [News, Aug. 17] recounts Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s wince-worthy comment that America “was never that great.” Artless? Yes! Badly off the cuff? Yes! Worse than anything President Donald Trump has said? Absolutely not!

We need Cuomo and all politicians to be better. We have become a nation living in a polluted sea of rhetoric. Where are the true leaders? Where are the intelligent minds? Where are our elected leaders who truly care about their constituents and America?

Both sides are appalled by vicious or not-well-thought-out comments.

However, where is the outrage over loss of rights, the deconstruction of our Constitution, or the threat to our civil rights and freedoms?

Poorly chosen words are the least of our problems.

Cuomo is the governor of New York. Trump is the president of the United States. Who has the weightier responsibility and greater sphere of influence? My answer is Trump.

We’re all Americans. We need to demand that our politicians act on behalf of all of us, not for themselves. They all emulate carrion flies waiting for each other to fall to feed on their common errors and embolden themselves in order to win votes. I no longer have a desire to be Republican, Democrat, Progressive or whatever else is out there.

I demand that some decent candidates finally do the right thing by America and not be motivated by self-interest. Yes, Cuomo messed up, but his sentiment was clear. America needs to be what it claims to be. Until then, we are not as great as we could be or should be.

Olivia Salina, Eastport

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