Fans wait for the Jimmy Buffet concert at Jones Beach...

Fans wait for the Jimmy Buffet concert at Jones Beach Aug. 9. Credit: Bruce Gilbert

Have you noticed how many drivers ignore common rules of the road signs, like no-turn-on-red and stop signs? How about cars passing over two yellow lines, and ignoring school zone speed limits and posted speed limits? What about stand-on electric scooter riders on main roads? Seems to me too many drivers aren’t paying attention to these rules, which puts you and other safe and smart drivers and pedestrians in danger every day! I see the aforementioned laws broken many times every week and often on the same day. How about you?

With schools opening soon, I encourage all drivers to be safe and smart! I also ask police to watch out for lawbreaking drivers and give them tickets and fines!

— Bob Wolf, Rockville Centre

People drive on the parkways and the Long Island Expressway like they are on the Indianapolis Speedway. Tailgating is the norm, especially by SUVs and pickup trucks. If I leave enough space between my car and the car ahead of me, invariably someone will cut in.

People text and talk on the phone while driving. They weave in and out of traffic without signaling, cutting off other drivers. Motorcycles have loud exhausts that startle you and swerve between cars and lanes.

I was nearly rear-ended at least three times on the Southern State Parkway by drivers traveling too closely. I was in the left lane and these people had to veer off onto the shoulder to avoid hitting me. I was recently cut off so badly on the Cross Island Parkway that the automatic braking kicked in. The offending driver just laughed it off. If I had rear-ended him, he would not be laughing.

People are extremely impatient. Please SLOW DOWN and have some patience. You’ll get to your destination. A police car parked on the side of the road gets people to slow down.

— Chris Inguanta, Valley Stream

Why are so many drivers in Suffolk County so oblivious to the white stop line at stop signs and red lights? They should be stopping before the front of their vehicle gets to the line, not on or past the line.

Then there are those who do stop before the line at a red light, but start creeping to the point that before the light turns green, their rear tires have crossed the line.

— W.J. Van Sickle, Brentwood

Send migrants to Delaware

It’s time for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to commence busing migrants to the state of Delaware. This will provide Joe and Jill Biden with an opportunity to meet and greet many of our new neighbors crossing the Southern border. A Biden-sponsored barbecue on Rehobeth Beach would be a welcome event for the weary travelers.

— Ed Quinlan, New Hyde Park

Don’t turn concerts into political rallies

My husband and I are Jimmy Buffett fans and have gone to his concerts and tailgates at Jones Beach every year since I can remember. Unfortunately, over the past six years the tailgates have turned into “Trump fests.” These are occasions to relax and enjoy music and friends. Politics most certainly do not belong. It’s all about the music.

— Elizabeth Zakrzewski, Huntington

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