A team from Massapequa High School took first place in...

A team from Massapequa High School took first place in this year’s Nassau County Mock Trial Tournament.  Credit: Katelyn Caramore

Long term needed to beat drug crisis

The op-ed "Increasingly deadly toll of fentanyl” [Opinion, May 10] by Jeffrey L. Reynolds reminds us once again of the importance of drug education and prevention. It is a painful reminder of the drug epidemic and mental health crisis paralyzing America.

Although Reynolds is highly respected in the addiction treatment field, his article fails to address the lack of long-term treatment beds for the growing number of opioid and heroin addicts. Evidence-based research makes it clear that chronic heroin users are not going to enter recovery and sustain it in the 12 days of treatment that most insurance policies will cover.

In Suffolk County alone, the death toll because of overdose deaths is beyond words. Many of these grieving families tried to access residential care for their sons and daughters and had misunderstandings with their insurance companies, and if they found a long-term residential treatment program, the waiting list is endless.

We need long-term treatment beds for the growing nymber of young people in need. We need to challenge the insurance bureaucracy to cover long-term treatment. Insurance companies should not decide the life or death of our children.

Fr. Francis Pizzarelli, Port Jefferson

The writer is a clinical social worker with a specialty in addiction treatment.

Clean energy is part of LI's future

This is more evidence that homegrown, clean energy is our future ["Price of heating oil on LI, NY setting records," May 11]. The wind and sun don't raise their rates when there is a war somewhere affecting supply. They are becoming our cheapest sources of energy and don't release carbon emissions to exacerbate the climate crisis. We need to support plans for building electrification and the proposed All-Electric Building Act. Oil heat needs to go the way of the dinosaurs.

I have owned a solar energy system along with an electric car for four years. I live with and experience the benefits that these provide, especially considering current events.

Asad Naqvi, Jericho

The cost of driving on Long Island is astronomical for people driving gas-powered vehicles. But not for my family because we have an electric car. Our equivalent "gas mileage" averages 135 miles per gallon.

With automakers expanding their offerings of electric cars or even committing to an all-electric lineup by 2035, like General Motors, it only follows that we will be replacing our fossil fuel cars, as they age, with electric ones. The state is already sinking $1 billion into charging infrastructure and adopting electric vehicles for government use.

We need to remove barriers to direct sales of EVs in the state by allowing the expansion of sales outlets. We must see major investment in making the transition to electric vehicles painless and affordable for all New Yorkers. Being an EV owner is liberating.

Star Anthony, Port Washington

The mainstream media ignores President Joe Biden's halting various means of domestic oil production. Now he blames the war in Ukraine and other causes for rising gasoline prices. It's as if I shut off water service to my home and then complained about the price of bottled water. Turn the spigots back on.

Robert Nielsen, Baldwin

Releasing these two suspects is outrageous

I read “Both suspects were arraigned Monday in First District Court in Hempstead and released with non-monetary restrictions” [“Catalytic converter arrests,” News, May 10]. Where is the outrage?

These alleged  thieves are free to commit the same crime while waiting for a court date. What is wrong with our justice system? What message does this send to other suspected offenders? What message does this send to those of us who are out thousands of dollars because of these thefts?  The judges are too easy, letting these people freely walk the streets.

Joseph P. Rella, Farmingdale

Beautiful victory, but the poses?

Massapequa High School scored a tremendous accomplishment as noted in "Teams win county mock trials" [LI Life, May 8]. The picture accompanying the article, though, raised a serious question for me. Why are the young women in the front row posing as if it was a beauty contest? Hands on hips would not be the pose if young men were in the front row.

Wendy Frischer, Rockville Centre

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