Major flooding in Maxwell, Calif., is seen Saturday, Feb. 18,...

Major flooding in Maxwell, Calif., is seen Saturday, Feb. 18, 2017. Water is receding in the farm community, where people sought higher ground. Credit: AP

Flood assistance not just burden of a few

I agree that those living on the water should pay their fair share for flood insurance [“Waterfront life has costs — including insurance,” March 6]. However, the National Flood Insurance Program’s $25 billion debt should not fall solely on the backs of those on the water.

After superstorm Sandy, the Federal Emergency Management Agency provided up to $35,000 to those in need who did not have flood insurance. I have friends who got FEMA money and didn’t have flood insurance.

FEMA definitely should help those in need, but if the only funds are the premiums mandated to waterfront homeowners, maybe it should only be those who pay in that receive assistance. It doesn’t seem fair, but is it fair that I pay for uninsured people in San Jose, California, or areas of Texas that experienced a “100 year” flood?

If we as a country can build a wall on our Southern border, then why can’t we help our citizens in times of need without the burden falling on just a few?

David Hartman, Amityville