Excessive levels of nitrogen from sources, such as wastewater and...

Excessive levels of nitrogen from sources, such as wastewater and septic systems, are harming the salt marshes on Long Island, including this one in the Otis Pike Fire Island High Dune Wilderness, seen here on Nov. 10, 2012, that are critical in protecting coastal communities from storm surges and flooding, the state Department of Environmental Conservation has said. Credit: NPS / Diane Abell

Happy with results of new septic system

I’ve been watching the initiative by Suffolk County to introduce nitrogen filtration septic systems to homeowners, in an effort to reduce the nitrogen problem in our water [“Septic systems study,” News, April 26]. County Executive Steve Bellone is talking about loans and grants to make the systems more affordable to homeowners.

I was one of the lucky homeowners who received one of these systems, free, as a trial test.

Since the installation more than two years ago, it has operated trouble-free. Testing of the wastewater from the system shows a remarkable reduction of nitrogen.

I believe homeowners with septic or cesspool systems that might be at the end of their lives may want to consider a new system. Also, anyone who simply wants to make a real difference in the quality of our water might be interested.

I can report that the system has operated exactly as officials said it would. As a lifelong resident of Long Island, I like the fact that the system contributes to a reduction in the nitrogen problem in our water.

Jim Minet, Nesconset