A voter marks a ballot for the New Hampshire primary...

A voter marks a ballot for the New Hampshire primary inside a voting booth at a polling place Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016, in Manchester, N.H. Credit: AP / David Goldman

In the Newsday/News 12/Siena College poll, 81 percent of respondents agreed that “we must find ways to end corruption in politics once and for all” [“LI’s in mood to fight corruption,” News, Feb. 28].

Power corrupts. The corrupting power of government is its monopolistic ability to extract taxes from its people, then spend the money as it sees fit.

The solution to this problem is to expose government to the self-balancing effects of competition in the free market. How? Itemize tax bills with a check box and a fill-in amount for each and every government service offered.

Letting people vote with their wallets would limit government’s power, and the overpriced, underperforming and unwanted government services would be defunded. The problems of government corruption would dissolve.

Eric Merz, Shirley