The Huntington Zoning Board of Appeals agreed to extend the public...

The Huntington Zoning Board of Appeals agreed to extend the public comment periof for an application to convert the Indian Hills Country Club in Fort Salonga into a senior housing community.

Credit: Newsday/Alejandra Villa Loarca

Build housing for the young

Yet another golf course is to be used for senior housing, this time in Fort Salonga [“Housing comments extended,” Our Towns, Aug. 15].

Enough already. There are already too many senior complexes on Long Island. How about building affordable housing for our young people, so they will stay on Long Island.

— Bob Horsham, Ridge

Protest the hate

Since haters feel they can exploit their First Amendment rights to distribute hate-filled literature to homes, why not use the First Amendment to shame and expose haters for what they really are?

As a community, once a hater is identified, why not post their names and addresses on social media? Why not profile their names in the newspaper and on nightly newscasts under the heading “Haters Amongst Us?” Why not have peaceful protests at a hater’s place of business and even in front of their homes? Why not share the names of haters with their bosses, co-workers and neighbors?

Let’s use the power of our community to exercise our First Amendment rights to expose these evil, weak-minded cowards for what they are. Shaming and publicly ostracizing haters should also help dissuade others from promulgating this unacceptable scourge.

History has taught us that if hate is left unabated it will destroy our democracy. Community action holds the key.

— Herb Grubman, Syosset

A pox on that virus name

I think more people would take monkeypox more seriously [“U.S.: Pox health emergency,” News, Aug. 5] if it was referred to by its scientific designation “MPXV.” Even I start to smile when I hear the word “monkeypox,” and as a physician, I know better!

— Dr. Daryl Altman, Lynbrook

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