Huntington residents debate allowing basements and garages as accessory dwelling...

Huntington residents debate allowing basements and garages as accessory dwelling units during a town board meeting on June 13. Credit: Newsday/Steve Pfost

Seniors big losers after ADU plan fails

I wholeheartedly agree with Joan Cergol when she writes about being disappointed by the Huntington Town Council voting against accessory dwelling units after hearing from angry residents [“Huntington ADU plan could’ve worked,” Opinion, Aug. 11]. This bipartisan proposal was worked on for a long time.

For many years, I worked at the Suffolk County Office for the Aging and learned of seniors’ desperate need for housing. And how sad to read about the young Latino college graduate deciding to leave Huntington because he no longer feels welcome. I hope he knows that many Huntington folks want him and others to feel safe and wanted here.

— Eileen Bruning, Huntington

I even lost last shot at 20-ticket option

I work remotely and have benefited from the Long Island Rail Road’s 20-trip peak tickets. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority was kind enough to notify me that I still could purchase a last 20-tripper if done on or before Aug. 19 [“Restore 20-trip ticket discount,” Editorial, Aug. 8].

I tried several times but received “Error Message 111,” which didn’t allow me to buy it. It was frustrating. I even tried again early in the morning of Aug. 20, hoping for a grace period window, but no such luck.

Lots of LIRR commuters still work remotely so the 20-trip ticket was the most cost-efficient one for us. With this discount option gone, we now have to pay about 30% more for 20 peak trips. This is just not right.

— Margie Cooney, Massapequa Park

Don’t take U.S. rule of law for granted

Regardless of our political convictions, we should all be thankful we live in a country where the “rule of law” is still respected when it comes to public officials [“Agreeing to disagree on Modi’s India,” Opinion, Aug. 15].

So many countries simply bury governmental corruption and allow bad actors to maintain or ascend to positions of civil authority, usually at the expense of the people they should be serving.

— Bruce Bennett, Centereach

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