Islip Town Hall

Islip Town Hall Credit: Barry Sloan

Islip officials letting quality of life suffer

Your article about Islip Town dropping the ball north of Sunrise Highway in “depressed” areas was so true, I was cheering [“Suit takes aim at Islip’s at-large voting system,” News, Sept. 17].

I moved back to North Bay Shore after over 40 years on eastern Long Island. It is no longer the same area I grew up loving.

I blame it on the Town of Islip. Grass along Sunrise Highway rarely gets mowed, roadside waste removal is even rarer. I realize that some of this property is state- or county-maintained, but where is the town demanding cleanups?

I have yet to see a street sweeper on my block. There are illegal apartments in every other home. I understand that people need the income, but should we have to look at driveways no longer leading to garage doors? I’ve also seen people living in cars.

One of my neighbors has turned his front yard into a used car lot. Neighbors who complained were told it’s legal as long as the vehicles are registered with the state. However, nobody checks whether they are. How can this be OK?

I don’t blame diversity for the downfall of my community, as some do. I blame the town for not doing its job and making people accountable.

Linda Oley,Bay Shore