A man waits for his train as snow begins to...

A man waits for his train as snow begins to fall at the Syosset LIRR station, on Feb 17, 2018. Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

Grateful for updated train station in Syosset

Thank you to the construction workers who are building the new Syosset Long Island Rail Road station house in this winter’s freezing weather. When it is completed this spring, the new station will foster local growth and community pride, and serve as the center of downtown Syosset redevelopment.

Laura Schultz, Syosset

Editor’s note: The writer is president of Residents for a More Beautiful Syosset, a nonprofit civic organization.

The frightening reality students live with today

Although I am only 16 years old and a junior in high school, I feel that the state of the world all of us inhabit today makes it important to address my fears.

Every day, I fear that a shooting could happen at my school. Not just at my school, but any school — or any public place. My mom always tells me that wherever I am, I should always locate the nearest exit in case of an emergency. This terrifies me. My parents never had to be taught to always be prepared in case of a shooting.

This issue needs to be figured out and dealt with immediately. Children my age and younger should not have this fear weighing them down daily. Teenagers have dealt with this issue more than politicians, including our president.

The fact that I so often wake up to news about a mass shooting disgusts me. No child or adult should ever have to deal with this, yet it is still a huge issue even years after the horror of the Columbine High School shooting of 1999.

Morgan Jenssen, Roslyn

Deadline mixup can cause senior to lose out

I’ve been notified by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance that people who turned 65 before Dec. 31, 2018, are not entitled to the Enhanced School Tax Relief (STAR) property-tax credit unless they applied for it by March 1, 2018.

I waited until I turned 65 on Oct. 23 to inquire about Enhanced STAR. Now I’m out of luck for my 2018 tax bill. I now must wait until my December 2019 tax bill to see savings.

I was told no agency is responsible for notifying senior homeowners when they are 64 to apply as long as they turn 65 by the end of the year. We receive Medicare notifications, but no Enhanced STAR notifications. Just doesn’t seem fair!

Genevieve Blaize, Patchogue

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