Bright headlights can blind oncoming traffic.

Bright headlights can blind oncoming traffic. Credit: Getty Images/iStock/solarseven

I assume that powerful LED headlights on newer cars are intended to be a safety feature, but for whom? They’re definitely not a safety feature for oncoming drivers. Many times, an SUV with these lights has come around a curve and hit me right in the face. Especially for older drivers, this blinding light could cause an accident.

One time while driving in the rain, I was briefly blinded by LED lights and ran over a curb on the side of the road on a curve. I cannot believe automakers are allowed to install these. Will they also be used on tractor-trailers?

Glenn Billian,

  Port Washington

A sweet Valentine made a veteran’s day

As a handicapped Korean War veteran who uses a walker, I take walks around the block in the summer months and pass a little girl’s house. She and her family always say hello to me, and I do the same. Unfortunately, with the severe winter cold, I cannot take my walks.

But this week, the little girl surprised me with a beautiful Valentine’s Day card. She brought it to the front desk at The Arbors, my assisted-living community, and asked whether I was still here.

Then she and her mother came to the recreation room and read the card to me. It said, “Dear Bernie, I just wanted to let you know somebody loves you and thanks for your service!!!” It was signed, “Love Gracie!!!!” She had drawn a big American flag and hearts big and small.

I was nearly in tears. They missed my walks and hoped I was still all right. It means so much to have such a gift to a lonely veteran of age 87.

Bernard Fradkin,


Nuisance phone calls are an assault

The public is being tormented by nuisance telephone calls. Callers, frequently seeming to call from other countries

I have signed up with the National Do Not Call Registry and my phone provider’s do-not-call list. Still I get these calls.

A major function of government is to protect the population from aggression. What are our local, state and federal officials doing to help? It might be difficult, but if we can put a man on the moon, surely this can be solved.

Elaine Schirmer,


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