Lawmakers should do something to stop the sales calls on...

Lawmakers should do something to stop the sales calls on cellphones. Credit: iStock

Why world must stop hunting of elephants

President Donald Trump has decided to allow certain ivory imports, on a case-by-case basis. This gives big-game hunters permission to hunt and kill elephants, and to import the ivory for a fee that would go to conservation. That is an oxymoron.

The matriarch is necessary for the family to survive. Kill the matriarch, and it will devastate the herd. Elephants make life-sustaining decisions, mourn their dead, discipline their young and show compassion for each other.

We humans would benefit from understanding and practicing some elephant behavior.

Lorenzo Bonifacio, Bay Shore

Crashes? Focus on bigger road issues

It seems that every time I flip through Newsday, I have to see a picture of a car that either explodes or crashes into something. Has your editors ever thought that maybe you’re missing a bigger story? Or, do you think readers are voyeurs who are into carnage?

Personally, I am tailgated daily for driving in the middle lane, doing only 65 in a 55-mph zone, by some overly aggressive, reckless fool who can’t leave just five minutes earlier. All this while I navigate highways that sometimes look like they were bombed by allied forces. There goes my axle! Yes, there is a much bigger story here.

Michael Bachety,Babylon

Stop the solicitations on my cellphone

There is a growing problem of solicitors calling on our cellphones. It seems to never end.

People call about student-loan debt, which I do not have. Someone impersonating the IRS calls about back taxes. I also receive calls to purchase Viagra.

I’m sure I’m not the only one getting four to 10 calls a day.

Federal and state legislators should do something.

Michael Marchese,Huntington


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