As a resident of Blue Point since 1985, I have benefitted from the services of The Town of Brookhaven and have contributed only my taxes toward this. Now I would like to contribute in the form of a suggestion.

Today, we are conscious of the cost of fuel and our carbon footprint. As I was thinking about that, a lightbulb (an energy-efficient one) popped up over my head. As I heard the screeching of the brakes of a waste management vehicle coming through my neighborhood, I thought, "Wouldn't it be great if they didn't have to bring three to four tons of truck to a halt, only to have to get it moving again so many times?"

What if I placed my refuse on the border of my neighbor's property, and in turn he placed his on my border? With very little effort, we would have eliminated one stop and start. If most of us did this, the results would add up.

Fewer stops translates into lower fuel consumption and emissions, and less wear on the engine, transmission and brakes. Fewer jumps on and off a moving vehicle most likely would reduce injuries and worker's comp claims, which ultimately affect insurance costs.

Kevin Anderson, Blue Point


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