Zoologist Alan Rabinowitz in an undated photo provided by Panthera....

Zoologist Alan Rabinowitz in an undated photo provided by Panthera. He died Aug. 5, 2018, at age 64. He lived in Mahopac, N.Y. Credit: Panthera

Although any listing of prominent people who have died in any year will always be subject to discussion, I would like to add to your 2018 list the name of Alan Rabinowitz [Passings, Dec. 30].

Rabinowitz’s death on Aug. 5 at age 64 was a great loss. He was a tireless champion of nature, especially the world’s imperiled big cats, and an author of many books who spoke directly from his heart about his fascination and concern for the natural world.

A leading field biologist for the Wildlife Conservation Society, and later the co-founder, CEO and chief scientist for Panthera, a global wildcat conservation organization, he traveled the world to help preserve wild creatures and the wild places they need to survive.

As a child, Alan struggled with stuttering and found he felt more comfortable speaking with animals because they did not judge him harshly. He became an impassioned spokesman for those that have no voice. All creatures of nature feel a great sense of loss, as do all of us who enjoyed Alan’s marvelous writings. A life well lived!

Jim Jones,Bayville

Editor’s note: The writer is a director of Volunteers for Wildlife, an animal rescue organization.