Kings Park School District is among the districts debating the...

Kings Park School District is among the districts debating the veterans exemption. Credit: Fran Berkman

Regarding "Kings Park arrows are far from school" [Letters, Oct. 28], the state built a trail through a wooded area on Meadow Road in Kings Park. Two months ago, I called the state Department of Environmental Conservation to ask why. I was told the trail is for the people of Kings Park, so they can enjoy nature, so kids can ride their bikes, and so parents can take their kids on walks.

Then I read that bowhunters kill deer on this same trail. I was driving by last week and saw a woman pushing a baby carriage and two toddlers walking with her. Behind her was a man dressed in hunting gear, carrying a bow and arrow.

I pulled over immediately and called to the woman that she was in danger and to come back. She did without hesitation, and I called the police.

When a police officer came, I asked him where was the sign warning people that they're killing deer on this trail? He said there's no sign, and I asked him what it would take to stop this killing in a residential neighborhood. He said to call the state.

Do we have to wait for a child to get an arrow in the back? Suffolk County or the state should do something about it now.

Barbara Williams, Kings Park


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