PSEG Long Island has found that the proposed Caithness II...

PSEG Long Island has found that the proposed Caithness II power plant in Yaphank "will not be needed." This is the Caithness I plant in Yaphank on Jan. 20, 2010. Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas

In the story “Future of power on LI” [News, March 21], Sen. Thomas Croci (R-Sayville) and Dan Tomaszewski, president of the Longwood school board, support the construction of a Caithness II power plant in Yaphank. Their position has stirred up a lot of discussion among Long Island environmentalists and civic leaders.

Tomaszewski talks of the savings of retiring older National Grid plants. However, the National Grid plants with gas and electric infrastructure in place represent the only potential savings in energy costs to Long Island.

Caithness II, in the Carmans River watershed, above our cleanest aquifer, would require millions for gas and electric infrastructure before the plant opens.

Caithness II is a bloated, 750-megawatt proposal that would shut out solar and wind generation for at least 20 years. Repowering the older National Grid plants would support the grid in off-peak hours of solar and wind generation.

There is a lot of misinformation and disinformation. Perhaps that is why Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo brought in PSEG Long Island as an honest broker.

Bruce Miller, Port Jefferson

Editor’s note: The writer is a trustee with Port Jefferson Village, which hosts a National Grid plant contracted to provide power to the Long Island Power Authority.