Students walk through the Dowling College campus in Oakdale. (Sept....

Students walk through the Dowling College campus in Oakdale. (Sept. 27, 2012) Credit: Chris Ware

Your recent coverage of Dowling College does nothing to help the situation ["Faculty frets about future," News, Oct. 8].

Why don't you report on the hardworking students and staff here -- including those of us who teach full classes at 7 a.m. or late into the night? We are predominantly Long Islanders who are working long hours to earn degrees (or to teach and mentor these students) while we work other jobs.

I want to know why our hometown newspaper felt it was necessary to publish internal communications between faculty and board members in the first place. If Newsday is truly concerned with the communities it reports on, I recommend researching and reporting about the valuable role Dowling College has played, and can continue to play, in the preparation of our workforce.

For years I have been teaching many first-generation students as well as older students who are retooling or advancing their education to adapt to the changing job market and meet community needs, such as for mental health and addiction counselors. You do these students a great disservice.

Patricia Morley, Oakdale

Editor's note: The writer is an adjunct professor in the college's psychology department.