Scientists say it's only a matter of time before coyotes...

Scientists say it's only a matter of time before coyotes take up residence on Long Island. Above, an Eastern coyote roams in the Appalachian Mountains. Credit: iStock

In response to "LI will become coyote country" [News, April 27], I question the priorities and sanity of so-called researchers who want to allow coyotes to migrate, breed, populate and roam Long Island at the risk to the safety of our human population.

To quote the article, "coyotes are liable to go after small dogs even when owners are present, such as when taking them for walks." What about the possible dangers to toddlers in our backyards, to adults and children in our parks, to our pets, etc.?

I say, keep humans a priority and enact measures to prevent the migration of coyotes onto Long Island before humans are hurt. Relocate or destroy any coyotes found on Long Island. We already have enough problems with raccoons, squirrels and geese!

Frank Hettinger, Mineola