The planned shift of New York State's legislative primaries to Sept. 13 to avoid the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks may be intended to honor the request of New York City firefighters and police ["Legislative primaries to be moved off 9/11," News, May 16]. But it will be a disservice to all who believe terrorism should never be allowed to undermine our values.

The Sept. 11 attacks were carried out on a primary Tuesday, and resulted in the cancellation and rescheduling of those primaries. For a fleeting moment, then, the attacks caused New Yorkers to temporarily put aside a cherished American ideal -- namely, that we have the right to determine the leaders of our own government. By halting that exercise once again, even for a short time, the State Legislature essentially will remind the world of a terrorist triumph.

On the anniversary, we can give no greater honor to our cherished lost than to stand up in proud defense of the very rights the terrorists would take away.

Howard Simon, Port Washington