President Barack Obama speaks in San Jose, Calif. (June 7,...

President Barack Obama speaks in San Jose, Calif. (June 7, 2013) Credit: AP

I always find it incredible when people say or imply that everything has changed when it comes to bigotry in the United States, and trot out President Barack Obama's elections as a prime example ["Majority of Americans see past race as issue," Letters, June 18].

Throughout his terms, there have been multiple and consistent examples of disguised bigotry directed at the president -- "birthers," claims that he's a Muslim, etc. This is clearly the work of bigots and racists who can't get past the color of his skin.

While the letter writer may think that most Americans have matured when it comes to race, he can't speak for or claim to represent all white Americans -- no more than he can ever tell a black American that the days of bigotry in the United States are over.

Joseph E. Short, Centerport

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