A recent letter, "Old claims against Obama" [June 7], amused me. The writer was defending President Barack Obama by saying it's the fault of the Republicans in the House of Representatives that the president has been unable to get anything done domestically.

What a short memory we have. For the first two years of Obama's presidency, the Democrats controlled the Senate and the House, and what was done domestically? We added trillions to our national debt, unemployment stayed high and the economy limped along. We passed a health care plan that much of the country was against, and early results show the plan is projected to cost more than anticipated.

In response to the writer's claim that the Republicans are out to win at all costs, both parties are posturing for the upcoming election. But that is business as usual. If the Democrats and Republicans concentrated more on what is good for the country instead of re-election, we all would be better off.

Tom Vespo, Bethpage


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