A file photo of a soccer ball hitting the net.

A file photo of a soccer ball hitting the net. Credit: AP

What a shame that, once again, students must suffer because of the cost of education in New York ["Competition's high cost," News, March 19]. I understand that athletics benefits relatively few within the student body. My own 16-year-old is not very good at any sport and is not interested.

But why is it that, whenever administrators look to save money, they focus on student activities? Why can't the laws be changed so that teacher and administrator salaries and benefits are first reviewed?

I know, such costs are protected by contract, and unions are so strong and politicians so beholden to them that changing that would require an act of God. But I think Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo finally gets it, or at least it seems.

Duplicative administrative services are killing us. Teacher and administrator salaries are through the roof, and pensions unsustainable and unrealistic. That's where the real savings are.

Robert Lenahan, Moriches


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