An undated handout photo of the new seasonal control tower...

An undated handout photo of the new seasonal control tower at East Hampton Airport. Credit: Handout

There is no decrease in noise pollution ["East Hampton: Officials say noise down at airport," News, July 17]. If anything, it has increased.

Our home is several miles from the Town of East Hampton airport, yet it is impossible to hear, think or work. We are besieged by low-flying and very loud helicopters, seaplanes, turbo props and large private jets at all times of the day and night. Many pilots do not adhere to any conforming altitudes. Sometimes they awaken us on the weekends as the sun is rising. Other times, it is well past midnight.

I have lived in the Northwest Woods area for 30 years and I work from home. I know the facts. I see and hear every aircraft as it approaches and departs. It can be terrifying. Our home shudders.

At a meeting for airport tower personnel and pilots before the opening of the tower, it was clearly stated, and recorded by a member of the Quiet Skies Coalition, that the tower had nothing to do with noise mitigation and was never intended to. Its sole purpose is safety.

This article was self-serving for those who want the public to believe the tower has helped mitigate noise. This is merely a precursor to a permanent tower, Federal Aviation Administration funding and the expansion of the airport. Make it bigger, and more aircraft will come.

Further investigation should be done to reveal the entire truth.

Susan McGraw Keber, East Hampton