Firefighters and police respond to the scene of a fatal...

Firefighters and police respond to the scene of a fatal collision between a school bus and an out-of-control cement truck near the LIRR overpass on Oyster Bay Road in Locust Valley. The bus driver was killed and six others were injured, police said. (July 23, 2012) Credit: Howard Schnapp

I am saddened, but not shocked, to hear about the recent accident in Matinecock where a truck driver hit the Long Island Rail Road overpass and accidentally killed bus driver Jorge Guevara ["Bus driver's friends call him 'true hero,' " News, July 26].

Recently, I was in upstate New York driving a recreational vehicle, going camping. The global positioning system told me to turn right, and I did so. As I went down a hill, I came close to driving under an 11.5-foot clearance; my RV is 12.5 feet tall. I slammed on the brakes.

There was no sign between the turn and the underpass, and no cross street to turn onto to avoid a collision. My wife got out of the RV and directed cars out of the way as I backed up the hill.

I found a police officer who directed me a mile out of my way to the RV park. Had there been a warning sign at the corner, saying something like "no trucks" or "low clearance," I never would have turned. Although I understand that the Matinecock bridge clearance was adequately posted, we need more signs in general on our local roads. Otherwise, we are in for tragic accidents.

Eric Gemunder, Huntington Station


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