Flooding and debris caused by the surge from superstorm Sandy...

Flooding and debris caused by the surge from superstorm Sandy remain in Mastic Beach Village. (Oct. 31, 2012) Credit: Amanda Voisard

In recent years, we have heard so much about the evils of government. Some of our right-wing friends want to reduce the size of government and minimize regulations affecting things like our environment, gun violence and our health care.

So let me report some good news. I am a victim of superstorm Sandy. The tidal surge on Oct. 29 flooded my home and all three vehicles. Contractors estimated damages to my home at $60,000.

I had flood insurance through the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and FEMA's adjuster gave a similar appraisal of the damages. After an initial check of $12,000 to help us get started with repairs, we received the balance of $48,000 in early March.

We were also offered a low-interest Small Business Administration loan to help us replace furniture and other personal property. FEMA workers reached out to families in my community and provided free meals, showers and laundry facilities for months after the storm.

Disaster assistance counselors were hired to help the neediest deal with insurance claims and apply for institutional assistance. State and local officials also pitched in to help.

FEMA really served as a safety net for my community and for my family. This letter is to thank our government and workers for being there when we needed them.

Lou Sabatini, Massapequa