Apparently we have learned nothing from history ["Syria: Another city reported taken," News, March 21]. Only 73 years ago, Adolf Hitler signed the Munich Pact in which he agreed, in exchange for part of Czechoslovakia, not to invade the rest.

Hitler recognized this as weakness and invaded Czechoslovakia in 1939, knowing that Britain and France were unwilling to go to war. This sounds eerily like President Barack Obama's offer to force Israel to return to the 1967 border with Palestine to appease Hamas and the Palestinian regime.

Hamas has now aligned itself with the Syrian rebels and against the Assad regime while the United States and the rest of NATO sit by and watch the slaughter of the Syrian people by President Bashar Assad. So theoretically, if we assist or arm the rebels in their struggle against Assad, we will be aligning ourselves with Hamas.

Obviously, Hamas sensed Obama's weakness and played its hand brilliantly. Our window to help prevent the genocide in Syria is now closed.

Francis Iannucci, Westbury