More borrowers of student loans in the city are delinquent...

More borrowers of student loans in the city are delinquent than those past due on payments for mortgage, car loans or credit cards, according to new data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York released. Credit: iStock

Young people from Long Island will continue to gravitate to New York City [“Determined to stay on Long Island,” Opinion, Nov. 30]. There are simple reasons.

Rental apartments, although expensive, are plentiful. Young people are fueling the rental explosions in Brooklyn and Queens. Many rentals on Long Island consist of basement apartments, and many are illegal.

In the city, there’s no need to maintain a car. Subway ridership is at its highest levels, and combined with cabs and Uber cars, it’s easy to get around.

City dwellers can go out at night to restaurants and clubs ’til all hours of the morning. After midnight, most towns on Long Island are deserted.

I’m not sure how we can compete with what the city offers to young college grads.

Allan Rabinowitz, Old Bethpage


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