Hillary Clinton at the Women in the World summit on...

Hillary Clinton at the Women in the World summit on April 23, 2015. Credit: Getty Images / Andrew Burton

Sexism is an issue that Hillary Clinton will probably face whether or not she brings it up ["Hillary can't afford to be thin-skinned," Opinion, April 14].

I agree with columnist Cathy Young that Clinton should not play the sexism card herself. She should put herself above what biased people believe. She doesn't have to play the card, because it is a fact of her political life. Her assertiveness in politics may be looked down on because she is a woman. However, this fact does not and should not influence her political decisions.

It's hard for Clinton to succeed in her political career because she is a woman. She can handle sexist comments and hatred because that's what many presidents have faced before her. Part of being a leader means taking criticism.

April Sickler, Levittown

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