Regarding "Democrats have a hand in stalemate" [Letters, June 21], there's an interesting narrative lately, seen on many political talk shows, as to why "the president has been unable to get anything done."

The narrative says that the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress during the first two years of Barack Obama's presidency and didn't do anything.

Do these people not remember that as soon as the president took office, new records for filibusters were set? Filibustering has become such an effective tactic that most bills now need 60 votes in the Senate to be considered viable.

What the writer also seems to forget is that after Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown's election to fill Ted Kennedy's seat in 2010, the Democrats could no longer muster 60 votes, even with the help of moderate Republicans (remember them?), to defeat a filibuster.

The Obama administration had at best one year to accomplish its goals -- not an enviable situation given the state of union when he took office. Just what could have been accomplished with the mandate the president received, we will never know. But history will show who the obstructionists were.

Ian Wraith, Valley Stream

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