The exterior of Nassau Coliseum (July 15, 2011)

The exterior of Nassau Coliseum (July 15, 2011) Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

I don't think the Nassau County executive's office is giving complete information about the new proposal for developing the Hub ["Mangano seeks Hub developer," News, Jan. 11]. Your story said the county is preparing a request for qualifications, or RFQ, from potential developers for the Uniondale site.

An RFQ is merely an information device, not a solicitation document, that is designed to be a low hurdle for a larger solicitation document. It should ask qualification information, and that information should be balanced against that of other responders to establish either an open solicitation or a select list solicitation.

I'd feel much more comfortable if I knew the document was drafted by those trained in public contracting methods, experts who had taken courses and were certified as public procurement professionals. If the RFQ is written without these elements, then it's just a publicity-seeking device.

Once the RFQ responses are evaluated, an RFP, or request for proposals, can be written for the overall project.

Frederick Marks, Wantagh

Editor's note: The writer is a certified public purchasing officer.


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